mySRA updates

Tell us about manager changes and notification deadlines

Before you renew your practising certificates / registrations between 1-31 October, you need to make sure that the information we have about your firm is correct.

You need to let is know about any changes to certain manager roles within your firm, before the renewal period. Please find below the the deadlines and processing timelines.

All applications should be submitted via email to our Authorisation Team

Person/position  How tell us of the change  Deadline

Solicitor – deemed manager

Registered European Lawyer (REL) – deemed manager

Registered Foreign Lawyers (RFL) – deemed manager

A firm’s authorised signatory or organisation contact can add deemed approved manager posts for a firm via mySRA

These changes take effect immediately.

You should notify us within seven days of any change to your managers

Solicitor – non deemed manager/owner

REL – non deemed manager/owner

RFL – non deemed manager/owner

Non-solicitor lawyer managers/owners

Non-lawyer managers/owners

Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) / Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA)

Please complete the Advance Notification form

If you want new managers/owners to be seen within mySRA when the renewals window opens, you need to apply for approval by 17.00 on 30 August 2019.

Please note: complex applications may take longer than the usual 30 days – in some cases up to six months.

Solicitor – deemed owner

REL – deemed owner

RFL – deemed owner

Authorised body – deemed manager/owner

Authorised body – non deemed manager/owner

Other legally qualified bodies and non-legally qualified manager/owners

Please complete the Advance Notification form

Please complete the Entity manager/Owner approval Application form

If you want new managers/owners to be seen within mySRA when the renewals window opens, you need to submit a notification by 17.00 on 13 September 2019.

If you want to add any additional managers/owners prior to renewals window - please email our Authorisation Team.

Please note it can take up to three months for a decision.

Notifying us of succession

Please submit your notice of succession notification form by 17.00 on 30 August 2019. This is so we can process the form ahead of practising certificate renewals in October.

If you submit your form after then (between 1 September and 31 October 2019) there may be a delay. The fee that appears on your bulk renewal form will only be updated once your form has been processed.

If you send us your form after your bulk renewal application has been submitted, we may ask further questions or require additional fees. It may also delay the issuing of any certificates / registrations.