News release

Improvements to our practising certificates/registrations renewal forms

The practising certificates/registrations renewals period will take place during October 2016.

We have made some changes that should help make the process quicker and easier for you. This includes making the forms shorter and clearer about what information we need. Below are details of the changes.

We have removed the following sections from all the applications:

  • Section 2 - Organisation Contacts
    • This information now comes directly from your mySRA profile.
  • Section 4 - Main Contacts
    • This information now comes directly from your mySRA profile.

For the firm bulk renewal, you no longer need to complete this section of the form:

  • Section 10 - Character & Suitability
    • If any managers in your firm are subject to Regulation 3 of the SRA Practising Regulations, they must complete an individual application for a practising certificate/registration
    • You should report any regulations breaches to us.

We have also changed these sections:

  • Section 8 - Other roles
    • We only need information about any connected business that is not authorised by the SRA or another approved regulator.
  • Section 14 - Financial Questions
    • The declaration on 'compliance with obligations to report financial difficulties' has been moved into the main declaration at the end of the form.
  • Section 15 - Areas of Work
    • You will now declare your work areas under these categories:
    • Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution
    • Children
    • Commercial/corporate work for listed companies
    • Commercial/corporate work for non-listed companies and others
    • Consumer
    • Criminal
    • Discrimination/civil liberties/human rights
    • Employment
    • Family/matrimonial
    • Financial advice and services (regulated by the SRA)
    • Immigration
    • Intellectual property
    • Landlord and tenant (commercial and domestic)
    • Litigation - other
    • Mental health
    • Non-litigation (other)
    • Personal injury
    • Planning
    • Probate and estate administration
    • Property - commercial
    • Property - residential
    • Social welfare
    • Wills, trusts and tax planning

Making it easier and quicker to pay

To make it easier to pay your fees, your invoice number and information on your fees will be available immediately after you submit your form.