The reasonable adjustment gap, 28 February 2019

We firmly believe in the strength of diversity. Part of creating an inclusive legal services market is ensuring that people are not placed at a disadvantage when accessing legal services due to their disability. 

What are we working on? Our 2019 research programme, 01 February 2019

In our first blog of 2019, we wanted to give our readers an insight into the projects we will be working on this year (and in some cases, for a few years to come!).

Advent of computers, 27 December 2018

December means the start of winter and the excitement of advent calendars, but Christmas isn't the only big event in our diaries this month.

Fall into a refreshed Autumn Outlook, 29 November 2018

Autumn is a time for change. Risks constantly change and evolve too, so this is the perfect

Purchasing power to the people, 30 October 2018

Consumers. Customers. Clients. However we define people, they are central to our economy, and central to our work here at the SRA.

It’s time to think small, 02 October 2018

Small businesses make up 99% of the private sector. With the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy estimating that there were 5.7 million private sector businesses in 2017, that’s a lot of companies.

Why your opinion matters, 24 August 2018

In an age of consumer research, targeted ads, and artificial intelligence, the sound of a new survey dropping into your inbox has become inescapable. 

The Risk Outlook is hot off the press, 27 July 2018

July brings sunshine, the start of the school holidays and our annual Risk Outlook. 

Better information means more choice for consumers and business benefits for solicitors, 28 June 2018

Do people notice and engage with information about regulation and protections in legal services? And does it help with their decision making?

ABSs no riskier and more innovative than other business models , 31 May 2018

ABSs no riskier and more innovative than other business models Debra Malpass Evaluating the early stage impacts of ABS, MDP and SBR  We are delivering a programme of regulatory reform, with proposals for shorter and less prescriptive code of conducts and accounts rules, more practising flexibi

Spring 2018 Risk Outlook update , 26 April 2018

The annual Risk Outlook gives information to help protect firms and their clients. We release an update every spring and autumn, giving law firms and solicitors the latest information, trends and case studies for each of our Priority Risks.

Consumer experiences of conveyancing legal services, 28 March 2018

Conveyancing is one of the most common legal services people use, with more than one million homes bought and sold every year in the UK. Despite these high numbers, very little research has been published that shines a light on people’s experiences of conveyancing, and the service they receive from solicitors.

The year ahead, 26 February 2018

It is an exciting time for research for us at the SRA, as we begin a new programme of projects for 2018.

Price transparency and consumer choice in the legal services market, 26 January 2018

Early last year, we outlined how our research team had introduced a new behavioural insights workstream that would focus on conducting behaviourally-informed experimental research

Better complaints handling, better service standards, 15 December 2017

We recently published research into the complaints made about legal services from solicitors.

Driving compliance out of the museum, 08 November 2017

As an organisation, we recently held the fifth conference for Compliance Officers for Legal Practice (COLPs) and Compliance Officers for Finance and Administration (COFAs).