Issue 25 - January 2018

Welcome to the latest issue of Compliance News, the newsletter just for COLPs and COFAs. We are going to focus on the new anti-money-laundering regulations, which places a new obligation on us both to record more detailed information on certain role-holders within firms providing specific services. There is information on personal injury work, first-tier complaints research and cybercrime warnings.

Time is running out foryou to complete the mandatory anti-money-laundering data collection. Thedeadline for submitting forms is this Friday (2 February).

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While the vast majority of you operating in the personal injury sector uphold the high standards expected of all solicitors, there are still some concerns about work in this area. We have issued an updated warning notice to address these concerns. We have also published a thematic review on personal injury which examines the area in more detail, including examples of good and poor practice.

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Last month we published research into how firms deal with client complaints. Our findings could prove useful when it comes to making sure complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively. There is an interesting difference between what firms think are client’s priorities and what clients say.

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Cybercrime continues to be a major concern and the risk is present in all we do. Cybercrime is not just about stealing money from clients however, and other forms pose just as great a danger to you all.

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We have just completed the first year of the continuing competence regime. We have moved away from a tick-box approach to a more flexible one, focused on meaningful learning. We recognise each firm and solicitor is different, so want to enable you to decide what to do to make sure skills and knowledge are up to date.

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Last year, we published a competence support package for those of you working in youth courts. Following on from this, we have now created an easy to read leaflet that tells young people how solicitors can help them. You can find this leaflet on our website and request copies to support you when talking to younger clients.

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