FAQs about the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme

Eligibility to apply

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We will require a current certificate of good standing from your home bar/professional/regulatory body. 

If you would like an early check on any character and suitability issue please complete the QLTS - Character and Suitability form. Please note that it may take us up to six months to assess your application.

How to apply

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Before you register you should check that you are eligible to apply for admission as a solicitor of England and Wales through QLTS. 

See the list of recognised jurisdictions and professional titles here.

To apply for exemption from the MCT as an LPC graduate complete the QLTS - Exemption from MCT application form.

If you are an EU, EEA, Swiss or Intra UK applicant you may apply for exemption from assessment against one or more of the Day One outcomes. To do this you should you should complete the QLTS - Exemptions application form and send it to us with the relevant assessment table (where applicable) and supporting evidence. 

Once your exemptions have been assessed you must register for the assessments with Kaplan QLTS.

The assessments

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The assessments are in two parts: 

  1. a Multiple Choice Test (MCT) which tests Outcome A 
  2. the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) which assesses Outcomes C, D and F. 

You must pass the MCT before you can attempt the OSCE. 

Further details of the assessments.

Please note that assessments for the transfer scheme are currently not held outside of England & Wales.

If you have passed the MCT but have failed the QLTS assessment as a whole your MCT will be banked and you will be allowed to recommence the QLTS assessment by taking the OSCE. You will not be required to re-take the MCT.

* If you are a transitional candidate and have passed the MCT and either the old OSCE or the old TLST but not both you will be allowed to exhaust your entitlement to three attempts during the five year validity period of your certificate of eligibility by sitting OSCE Part 1 or OSCE Part 2 alone, but if you are still unsuccessful thereafter you will have to sit the OSCE as a whole. You will not be required to re-take the MCT.  

The following training providers have previously engaged with us and may be contacted directly for further information:

QLTS Advantage
QLTS School

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