Exclusions for large risks

You are reading current version in effect from 25 November 2019
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You are reading current version in effect from 25 November 2019

Glossary terms

insurance distribution activity

means any of the following regulated activities as specified in the Regulated Activities Order which are carried on in relation to a contract of insurance or rights to or interests in a life policy:

  1. dealing in investments as agent (article 21) 
  2. arranging (bringing about) deals in investments (article 25(1))
  3. making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments (article 25(2))
  4. assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance (article 39A)
  5. advising on investments (except peer to peer agreements) (article 53(1))
  6. agreeing to carry on a regulated activity in (a) to (e) above (article 64).

means the person for whom you act and, where the context permits, includes prospective and former clients

in the SRA Financial Services (Scope) Rules, in relation to any regulated financial services activities carried on by an authorised body for a trust or the estate of a deceased person (including a controlled trust), means the trustees or personal representatives in their capacity as such and not any person who is a beneficiary under the trust or interested in the estate

contract of insurance

means (in accordance with article 3(1) of the Regulated Activities Order) any contract of insurance which is a long-term insurance contract or a general insurance contract