General provisions

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You are reading current version in effect from 25 November 2019

Glossary terms


means the Solicitors Regulation Authority


means prescribed by the SRA from time to time

regulatory objectives

has the meaning given to it by section 1 of the LSA


means the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal which is an independent statutory tribunal constituted under section 46 of the SA


means a person who has been admitted as a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales and whose name is on the roll, save that in the SRA Indemnity Insurance Rules and the MTC this includes a person who practises as a solicitor whether or not the person has in force a practising certificate, and also includes practice under home title of a former REL who has become a solicitor



means a European lawyer registered in the register of European lawyers


means a foreign lawyer registered in the register of foreign lawyers