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Please do not complete this form if your complaint is about a lawyer in England or Wales. Instead,you should contact the Legal Ombudsman , which is an independent service for handling legal complaints such as delay, lack of communication and problems with your bill. The Legal Ombudsman can ask the lawyer and law firm to apologise to you, give you back any documents you might need, refund or reduce your legal fees, or pay compensation (up to £30,000). Contact details for the Legal Ombudsman  

To make a complaint about SRA service, please complete this form. When you've finished, click Submit complaint .

Please note that you can't save your work in this form, or return to it later to submit it.

Therefore, if you need some time to compose your complaint, please download our complaints form (DOC 2 pages, 239K), complete it in MS Word, and send it to us by email or post. Our downloadable form includes submission instructions.

For a copy of our complaints form in large print or Braille, please email the complaints team or .

If you know what you want to complain about, and don't need much time to compose your complaint, please use the form below.

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