SRA adjudicators

The SRA is the regulator of solicitors and law firms in England and Wales. It sets, monitors and enforces standards through the regulation of solicitors, firms, other individuals and bodies. It is also a licensing authority for alternative business structures.

SRA staff have delegated powers to make many regulatory decisions in respect of applications and referrals received from consumers including members of the legal profession. Decisions may be made by Managers, Officers, Supervisors and Adjudicators (referred to as "authorised officer") depending on the nature and type of decision that is required.

Adjudication structure

Currently there is one Chief Adjudicator, three full-time permanent Adjudicators and 14 external Panel Adjudicators. Of our adjudicators five are male, 11 are female and one preferred not to say; 10 are white, four are black and minority ethnic and two preferred not to say. In addition our Executive Directors also act as adjudicators as required.

Adjudicators make formal regulatory decisions on a wide range of powers contained in legislation, such as the Solicitors Act 1974, Legal Services Act 2007 and the SRA Standards and Regulations. These decisions are risk-based and in accordance with published policy and criteria. We seek to demonstrate that we are a fair regulator and that decisions are made on an objective and impartial basis.

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