Experiences of disabled people using solicitors

Year: 2008

Researcher: ComRes

Who we spoke to: 250 adults who define themselves as being disabled

How we spoke to them: By telephone


This report looks specifically at the opinions and experiences of disabled people in accessing solicitors and using legal services.

Some key findings

  • Disabled people are more likely than the general population to use solicitors
  • 16% of disabled people who have used a solicitor in the past five years had some difficulty in physically accessing their office
  • 32% of disabled people feel that they were charged by their solicitor for costs incurred that related specifically to their disability.

What we did with the results

We started to design the SRA's new approach to regulation in 2009, and we used the findings from this study to take account of the experiences and opinions of disabled people in our policy development process. We also used this work as the basis for developing our first Disability Advisory Group in the Midlands.