A survey of public attitudes towards conveyancing services

Year: 2009

Researcher: ComRes

Who we spoke to: 1,004 adults who had used a solicitor to buy, sell or remortgage property in the past five years

How we spoke to them: By telephone


This report looks specifically at the opinions and experiences of people who have used a solicitor for conveyancing services.

Some key findings

  • 21% of people say they have used a solicitor for conveyancing in the past five years, and of these 93% were satisfied with what happened.
  • 50% of people we spoke to disagree that they would automatically use the solicitor referred to them by an Estate Agent if money changed hands for that referral
  • 25% of people we spoke to feel it the most important quality a conveyancing solicitor can show is a good local knowledge of their property

What we did with the results

As the most commonly-used legal service we need to fully understand what consumers think and experience throughout the process, to make sure that we respond to risks associated with conveyancing services in the most suitable way. This research study helped us to build our evidence on conveyancing from the consumers perspective to better-inform our policies and our regulatory work.