What do consumers want and need from outcomes-focused regulation?

Year: 2010

Researcher: Vision One

Who we spoke to: 64 adults

How we spoke to them: Face-to-face interviews and focus groups


We asked people from a range of backgrounds and communities to tell us what outcomes they think are important when they use a legal service. They also identified some of the information and guidance that they find useful to help them get the best from solicitors.

Some key findings

  • Most people we spoke to think of outcomes as ´the final result´ which can be something that is financial, ethical, or simply just the completion of a particular issue.
  • Some people we spoke to were worried that focussing too much on outcomes could mean less emphasis being placed on the experience
  • Overall the people we spoke to identified three key factors that influence whether or not you get a good outcome from a legal service, which are:
    • the time taken
    • the value for money
    • the service received

What we did with the results

This research spelled out what people actually want in terms of outcomes, when they use a legal service, and we used these findings as the basis for building our Consumer Affairs function. The findings continue to be useful for us in taking forward our consumer engagement and empowerment work.