Insight is an occasional email featuring analysis of the legal services sector and legal services regulation. It includes expert voices from the Solicitors Regulation Authority and beyond.

Issue 1

In the first issue of Insight, Ipsos Mori CEO Ben Page asks if we can trust lawyers, SRA Chair Enid Rowlands wants a new legal conversation, and find out why you could be fined for sending "despicable" emails.

Issue 2

In our second issue of Insight, Ofgem’s Rachel Fletcher tells us what customers want, SRA’s Jane Malcolm discusses what law firms can learn from orchestras and find out what happens if a solicitor backdates a letter.

Issue 3

In our latest issue of Insight, LEO’s Wanda Goldwag on learning from the music industry, Paul Philip on why solicitors should watch McMafia and find out why you could be fined for a colleague’s misconduct.

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