News release

Next steps for Board openness

The Chair of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Anna Bradley, has set out her plans to make sure its Board is working in an open way and is accountable to its core stakeholders.

Anna Bradley said: "We are committed to making sure that we work in an open and transparent way.

"We already do this in a variety of ways – from our Annual review to consultations. But I think it is also really important that people can understand how our Board makes decisions.

"So we are looking at this in a root and branch way, which is why we have spoken to other regulators and organisations to understand what they do and what works.

"We think the key thing is to make sure information is easily available in a timely way. We will publish more in-depth minutes, and make sure our default position is openness whenever possible.

"The Board is also looking at publishing a clear statement on how we are accountable to our stakeholders, how we make decisions and what we can - and can’t - publish and why.

"We know there is much, much more we can do through social media, including a new Chair’s blog which helps people to quickly see what we have been doing. I am looking forward to sharing our thinking in a fresh and accessible way."

The SRA has also this week published its new public engagement charter. It sets out the SRA’s commitment to how it will work with the public and listen to people's views.

The approach was developed following extensive engagement with both members of the public and organisations representing the needs of different groups.

The charter is available here

Anna Bradley joined the SRA in January. A copy of the latest Board minutes can be found here.

There is also a blog with thoughts on the meeting available.