News release

Tell us about changing cybercrime and tech risks

We want your views on what you think are the key cybercrime risks that could affect law firms over the next year or so.

This month we published our insights on some of the biggest risks and trends around technology in our risk outlook report, in addition to a separate report looking at some of the opportunities and risk linked to innovation.

We want to further improve our understanding of these area, so we can regulate as effectively as possible. You can tell us what you think about these two subjects through our survey. It asks for example what you think are the biggest cybercrime threats emerging, and how innovation might affect your firm.

The report on cybercrime explores new threats as criminals look to exploit changing technology. For instance, newer ransomware not only encrypts data but steals it as well, presenting new challenges for firms. Other risks including greater use of false physical documents and use of voice-modification software in calls to impersonate a solicitor.

The report on innovation looks at how the market is changing, including the implications of the use of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and changes in the labour market. All present both risks and opportunities.