News release

Update your diversity data

It is important that we hold accurate diversity information for all solicitors, which is why we are asking everyone who has a mySRA account to log in and check that their data is up-to-date.

Even if you have provided information previously, we need you to review your record as we have recently updated some of the questions in this section.

Please note that your organisation cannot do this on your behalf, even if you have opted in for them to manage your mySRA account. Your diversity information is confidential and only you have access it.

Updating your mySRA

To update and edit your diversity information, you will need to log into your mySRA and then:

  1. Go to 'my profile'
  2. Select the Equality and diversity tab
  3. Click edit. Once you have amended your data, click Save.

We encourage everyone to complete all the questions and there is a ‘prefer not to say’ option for all questions if you wish to select it.