Publishing online information – a lockdown necessity


With the country likely to be in some form of lockdown or social distancing for many months to come, it is more important than ever that the public can easily find information about potential legal providers online.

Not only does this help the public make informed legal decisions, but it might also help your firm win new business in these challenging times.

Since December 2018, our Transparency Rules have made it compulsory for all firms to publish certain information on your website on your prices and services. With the public now more likely than ever to be going online to shop around, the need for you to be complying with these rules is even greater.

If you are not currently displaying the required information on your website, please take the opportunity to review the rules. We appreciate these may be difficult times, but research has shown that not only do the public benefit when more information is available online, publishing the information can also help you win vital new business.