Are you involved in making cavity wall insulation claims?


We have received reports that suggest some firms have not been adhering to our Standards and Regulations when it comes to handling claims about cavity wall insultation.
Because providing legal services can involve more than one area of work, we have close relations with other regulators. Our partners tell us that some homeowners have apparently been contacted by claims management companies and law firms and been told that their cavity wall insulation was either incorrectly fitted, unsuitable for the property or that it should never have been offered/fitted at all.
We expect firms to make sure that they follow the standards expected of them and in particular:

  • Not to bring any claim unless there is a sound basis for it
  • Be careful to verify the source of any referral. This will help law firms make sure that the claim did not come from cold calling or other poor practices
 We continue to work with, for example, the Financial Conduct Authority, which regulate claims management companies. We have also asked the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency among others to report law firms to us where they are concerned about poor behaviour.
If we find evidence of misconduct, we will take action. For further advice please contact our Ethics Guidance helpline.