Improving your experience with better IT


We have been working over the last three years to upgrade our information technology infrastructure to make sure it provides the systems needed to provide you with up-to-date services. The first phase of this IT programme is to upgrade the mySRA portal, and those changes are now live.

You can access your new look mySRA account using your existing login credentials. If you have forgotten your username or need to reset your password, you can reset this yourself. Find out more here.

This step together brings together many of the improvements you asked for, and we would like to thank all of you who have helped with the new design and layout.

We have added more functionality to your accounts, to give you greater control and increasing your ability to “self-serve”, so that you can complete and submit applications at a time and in a way that suits you. Many of the forms that were previously on our website are now available through mySRA. Submitting applications will now also be instant with the option for more online payments.

The improvements allow you to make changes more easily, even when working away from the office, so all the more relevant at the moment.

We will be making further upgrades over the coming months. As part of that, we will be seeking your feedback on what we are doing.

Important changes to trainee applications

With the introduction of the new mySRA, we have moved the application forms for registering a period of recognised training and admission from our website onto mySRA.

Trainees who have not yet started the screening and admission process and are due to qualify in August and onwards, will now need a mySRA account to be admitted. If you have trainees due to be admitted in August as a training provider there is no action for you to take at the moment. We will contact these trainees separately asking them to activate their mySRA account.

We are communicating directly to training principals and training contacts outlining the changes in more detail, and what they mean for both current and future trainees.