Pandemic sees big rise in scam attacks


It’s a fact of life that criminals continue to use every trick in the book to illegally-obtain money or sensitive information. It’s why information security and cybercrime is a priority risk for us.
We have seen a number of both new and familiar scams reported to us in recent weeks.

SRA email and phone scams

We told you in the last issue of SRA Update about how we had been told that a large number of firms received an email claiming to be from us which probably contained a link that would have allowed malware to be installed on their internal IT systems.
We have twice updated the alert as scammers have tried using different email addresses, or telephoned law firms instead.
You can find out more about these in our Scam Alerts.

Other scam alerts

We are often contacted by firms or members of the public to say that they have received emails or calls from criminals claiming to be a solicitor. The names are sometimes made up, or the scammers have stolen the identity of a legitimate practice.

If you want to know more about the high-risk scams that could affect your business, our round-up brings together the latest risks and advice on how to help keep your firm safe.