Changes to your phone systems


Ofcom has asked us to make you aware of updates to the telephone network being made by BT Openreach, which should be completed by 2025.
As part of this renovation work, older technology might not be compatible with the network. The older analogue system supports devices that have been around for some time, such as fax machines. These might not necessarily work when the network is digital.
BT Openreach said that the simple rule of thumb was that when the telephone line is changed to digital or “All IP”, any device that currently plugs into a wall socket will instead need to be plugged into the broadband router instead. It is possible that adaptors will become available on the market that will connect these devices to the broadband router, but BT Openreach advises that the efficacy and long-term durability of these solutions cannot be guaranteed.
Further information is available from Ofcom, and the Future of Voice - the government advisory body on telecommunications.