SRA policies

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Complaints policy
January 2014, published by Inclusion

Unreasonable behaviour policy
July 2011, published by Inclusion

Decision making

Reconsideration policy
January 2012, published by Adjudication

Regulatory history policy
October 2013, published by Adjudication

Waivers policies
October 2011, published by Adjudication

Entity regulation

Multi-disciplinary practices policy statement
April 2014, published by Policy and Strategy

Multi-disciplinary practices policy statement
September 2014, published by Policy and Strategy

Sole practice policy statement
April 2014, published by Policy and Strategy

Equality and diversity

Gender reassignment policy
July 2012, published by Inclusion

Reasonable adjustment policy
June 2013, published by Inclusion


Use of investigatory powers policy statement
January 2014, published by the Risk Centre

Professional indemnity insurance

SRA financial protection policy statement
April 2011, published by Financial Protection

Indemnity insurance rules waivers policy
June 2012, published by Financial Protection

Participating insurer criteria policy statement
May 2014, Published by Policy


Fee policy 2012/13
September 2012, published by Authorisation

Fee policy 2013/14
September 2013, published by Authorisation

Education and training

Training for Tomorrow policy statement
October 2013, Education and Training

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