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By Liz Walters, Policy Associate, 14 July 2016

With more than 240 consultation responses, 18 events and nearly 200,000 impressions on social media, we were pleased by the extensive engagement with our proposal to introduce the SQE. We recognise that our proposal proved to be controversial and many respondents felt they needed more detail about how the whole qualification process would work before they could reach a firm view.

In response to the consultation feedback, the SRA Board has put back a final decision on the SQE until spring next year after a further consultation. This second consultation in autumn 2016 will give stakeholders the opportunity to look at the detail of our SQE proposal and see how our new proposals for qualification all fit together. At the same time we will consult on a draft Assessment Specification which will set out the level of difficulty, breadth and depth of the SQE.

We have now worked up more detailed proposals for our new approach to qualification, which explain how the examination could work alongside a period of work-based learning. We want to continue to listen to stakeholders as we develop our approach. We have established a virtual reference group on LinkedIn to share our ideas and gather feedback in advance of the formal consultation.

Through this group, we will explore views on what the SQE might cover and the methods of assessment. We will also consider possible assessment regulations, such as the number of times a candidate can sit the assessments and how long they can take to pass the SQE.

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