Admission fees

The fee for admission (AD1) is £100.

The fee for admission under Article 10 of the European Establishment Directive admission (AD15) is £500.

Practising certificate fee

For detailed information about practising certificate fees, please visit

You are able to request a practising certificate to commence from your date of admission in section 7 of the AD1 application.

The practising certificate year runs from 1 November to 31 October. Practising certificates must be renewed on 31 October each year.

Applications for renewal of practising certificates must be completed via mySRA. You must activate your mySRA account before you can log in.

If you are not intending on practising as a solicitor upon admission then you are able to be admitted without applying for a practising certificate.

If you require any guidance on whether or not the work you intend to carry out upon admission requires you to hold a practising certificate then please view guidance or contact our Professional Ethics helpline.

Pre-admission applicant screening and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) fee

The fee for the above, which includes a Standard Criminal Record Check issued by the DBS, is £42.

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