Admission forms


Admission (AD1) notes

Ensure you have read the guidance notes before you submit your application for admission. Your admission may be delayed if you subject an incorrect or incomplete application.

AD1 notes (PDF 14 pages, 254K)

Admission form (AD1)

Anyone who has served under a training contract/period of recognised training will be automatically sent an AD1 eight weeks before their training is due to end.

If you have not followed a recognised training route please complete an AD1 form

AD1 form (PDF 14 pages, 186K)

Registered European lawyers (REL) application for admission (AD15) under Article 10 of the European Establishment Directive

AD15 Notes

Ensure you have read the AD15 notes before you apply for admission.

AD15 notes (PDF 12 pages, 238K)

AD15 Form

AD15 (PDF 17 pages, 272K)

Methods of payment form

Ensure you have submitted the appropriate fee for your application.

View ways to pay.

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