Firm-based authorisation

Firm-based authorisationAs a firm or sole practitioner, you can help ensure the process of applying for authorisation or recognition runs smoothly and efficiently by learning about and understanding our requirements. To help you and your firm prepare to apply, we outline the authorisation process for firms and role holders, and explain how we assess applications and make decisions. We also offer risk assessment tips and examples.

New firms

Apply for authorisation or recognition of an applicant firm (Licensable Bodies, also known as ABSs, Legal Services Bodies and Sole Practitioners).

Risk is key: When making an initial application, start by thinking about risk. We have published guidance to help firms identify, assess and plan for risks, ahead of making their application. Refer to our Risk Outlook for more details on how we define and assess risk in all areas of our work.

Resources and help

New streamlined application process for CLE and LDP applicants

On 31 July 2015, we released new application forms for existing firms that are changing legal entity only or which are existing legal disciplinary practices that wish to be licensed. 

Where to get help

For help determining whether an organisation requires authorisation, or which individuals require approval, contact our Professional Ethics Guidance team.

Our Contact Centre can help with most other queries.

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