Continuing professional development

Changes to the Education and Training regulations

Removal of the Management Stage Course 1 requirement

We are currently consulting on a proposal to remove the requirement on individual solicitors to take Management Course Stage 1.

Read the Red Tape Initiative consultation.

Training for Tomorrow: Q&A for authorised MCS1 providers

Training for Tomorrow: A new approach to continuing competence

The SRA announced on 21 May a new approach to ensure solicitors remain competent throughout their working lives while removing the necessity for them to complete a compulsory 16 hours' training per year. It will also mean that training providers no longer need to be authorised by the SRA. The decision is subject to approval by the Legal Services Board. The new approach will be phased in from Spring 2015 and fully introduced by November 2016. The decision followed a consultation which closed in April this year.

Moving towards a new approach to continuing competence: Information for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) year 2014/15

Training for Tomorrow: Q&A on continuing competence consultation outcomes

Training for Tomorrow: Q&A for authorised CPD providers

More about the planned changes to CPD

Last updated 15 October 2014

Since 1985, we have operated a compulsory continuing professional development scheme (CPD scheme). Over the years, it has evolved into a system guided by the principles of simplicity and flexibility.

Solicitors are encouraged to assume responsibility for their own development by choosing from the wide range of activities that can be pursued in order to meet the yearly CPD requirement.

All solicitors and registered European lawyers (RELs) who

  • are in legal practice or employment in England and Wales, and
  • work 32 hours or more per week

are required to complete a minimum of 16 hours of CPD per year; at least 25 per cent must consist of participation in accredited training courses.

For solicitors and RELs who work fewer than 32 hours per week, the requirements are reduced.

If you're a solicitor or REL and need help locating a CPD provider, you may find it useful to search our listings of external authorised CPD providers or visit the Law Society CPD Centre.

To ensure the quality of accredited training offered to solicitors, we operate an authorisation scheme for CPD training providers.

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