Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme

Last updated 19 March 2015

The QLTS is the route by which lawyers from other jurisdictions (and barristers of England and Wales) can be admitted by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as solicitors of England and Wales.

The QLTS ensures that a lawyer qualified in another jurisdiction has met the standard of knowledge and skill required of a newly qualified solicitor of England and Wales. This is done through two separate tests which are administered on the SRA's behalf by Kaplan QLTS.

The Qualified Lawyers Transfers Scheme Regulations 2011 replaces the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme Regulations 2010. 

Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) update

Summary of changes

The Legal Services Board has approved the SRA's proposed amendments to the QLTS Regulations.

A summary of the amendments is as follows:

  • Remove the need for QLTS candidates, other than those with exemption from part of the exam, to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility from the SRA prior to sitting the QLTS assessments
  • Remove the requirement for non-EEA/EU candidates to provide separate evidence of standards of English language skills as a condition of eligibility to take the QLTS assessment
  • Remove the requirement to complete the QLTS assessments within a five-year period
  • Remove the maximum number of assessment attempts available to a QLTS candidate

Read more about the proposed changes to the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme.

Transitional provisions

Since January 2014 the system of QLTS assessments has been modified slightly. The Multiple Choice Test remains unchanged. However the OSCE and the TLST has combined into a single assessment known as the OSCE.

If you passed at least one of the QLTS assessments before January 2014, the following transitional provisions will apply to you:

  • Candidates who have passed the MCT before January 2014 but not the old OSCE or the TLST will be required to sit the new OSCE in its entirely (Parts 1 and 2). They will pay the fee for the new OSCE.
  • Candidates who sat the old OSCE before January 2014 and passed the old OSCE but have not passed the TLST will be required to sit the new OSCE Part 2 only. They will pay the fee for the old TLST only.
  • Candidates who sat the TLST before January 2014 and passed the TLST but have not passed the old OSCE will be required to sit the new OSCE Part 1 only. They will pay the fee for the old OSCE only.

Please see the Kaplan website for further details.

Kaplan QLTS training courses

Kaplan is the authorised assessment provider for the SRA and accordingly Kaplan is not authorised to provide training courses preparing candidates to attempt the QLTS. Kaplan has recently become aware some candidates have been contacted by an entity purporting to be Kaplan QLTS offering training courses. Such person(s) are not associated with Kaplan. Any such communication should be referred to Kaplan for investigation.

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