What to expect before and after admission

Before admission

Choose your admission date

When your application has been approved, you will receive an email asking you to choose your admission date in mySRA.

If you are applying under the Legal Practice Course route, it must at least one day after your period of recognised training ends.

Apply for a practising certificate

If you plan to carry out reserved legal activities, you may need a practising certificate. Find out if you need a practising certificate.

You can apply for a practising certificate once you have chosen your admission date. Find out how to apply.

You will then need to renew your certificate each year before it expires on 31 October.

Admission day

On the day you are admitted, we will issue your admission certificate.

You will need to generate your certificate in mySRA. It will be available to download immediately from 'My individual applications and documents' in mySRA. We do not issue hard copy certificates.

When you are admitted to the roll of solicitors, your information is added to the Solicitors Register within 24 hours.

What to do next

Create your diversity profile

Once you have been admitted as a solicitor, you should create your diversity profile in mySRA.

This includes information about your gender, ethnicity, disabilities and other characteristics. Your cooperation is important for our work promoting diversity in the legal services sector.

Learn how to create your diversity profile.

Continuing competence

All solicitors must maintain their competence to carry out their role. This means you must keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date throughout your career.

Find out more about continuing competence

Admission ceremony

The Law Society (not the SRA) will invite you to book a place at an admission ceremony. To learn more, visit the Law Society's website.