Qualified lawyers

A qualified lawyer is someone who holds a professional legal qualification which confers rights to practise in England and Wales or in another jurisdiction.

What you need to become a solicitor of England and Wales:

Degree or equivalent

In any subject or equivalent level 6 qualification


You will need to pass SQE1


You'll need to pass SQE2 or apply for an exemption


Pass our background checks and meet our suitability requirements

Qualifying work experience

Unlike other SQE candidates, qualified lawyer do not need two years’ qualifying work experience.

Pathways to qualification

Find your pathway to qualification and what you need to do next, including UK lawyers.

SQE training options

See the different options available when studying for the SQE assessments.

Qualified lawyers regulations

Find out more about principles and approach to qualification for qualified lawyers.

Qualified lawyers with the Legal Practice Course

Qualified lawyers have two qualification options if they have the LPC. Learn more

Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme

Information for lawyers who may have previously taken a QLTS assessment.

Jurisdictions where there is political unrest

Learn more about what we do for lawyers from jurisdictions where there is political unrest.

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