SQE exemptions

What is an SQE exemption?

When a qualified lawyer does not have to sit one or more of the SQE assessments.

What is a qualified lawyer?

A qualified lawyer is someone who holds a professional legal qualification which confers rights to practise in England and Wales or in another jurisdiction.

What exemptions can you apply for?

The drop-down list below shows the qualifications we have looked at for an SQE2 exemption.

If your jurisdiction or qualification is not on the list, this means we have not had an application relating to that qualification or may be currently considering one. However, you can still make an individual application.

To gain an SQE2 exemption, you must show that you have the skills and legal knowledge assessed and applied to the same standard as candidates taking the SQE2. This is done through your qualification(s) or experience, or a combination of both.

If you wish to apply for SQE1 exemption, please contact us for guidance before applying.

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