SRA publication scheme

Last updated 06 April 2022

Information we publish

Our publication scheme is a guide to the information that we routinely publish.

The information we publish is divided into seven classes and is available on our website.

Who we are and what we do

What we spend and how we spend it

What are our priorities and how are we doing

How we make decisions

Our policies and procedures

Lists and Registers of those we regulate and training providers

The services we offer

Information we do not publish

Generally we do not publish information that is:

  • protected from disclosure, for example because the law says so
  • in draft form
  • no longer readily available, for example because it is in our archives
  • too resource-intensive to prepare

Equality information

We are committed to fair and equal treatment and we comply with the Equalities Act 2010 by publishing equality information about:

  • Employment data
  • Regulatory outcomes data
  • Equality impact assessments
  • Research reports

Accessing information not included in our publication scheme

Our transparency code sets out how we respond to requests for recorded information held by us that is not included in our publication scheme. You should send requests to our Information Compliance Team.

What does it cost?

Information included in our publication scheme is available on our website.

In some cases we may charge. For example, if you ask us for hard copies or datasets we may charge for printing and postage or for costs arising out of sending datasets.

We will tell you the cost of giving you the information before we send it.

How can the information be used?

You do not need to seek our permission to link to information on our website although information on our website may not remain in the same place.

You are welcome to copy extracts of our information for purposes of review, discussion, academic study and other legitimate pursuits. You do not need to seek our permission if you use the information fairly, although you should acknowledge the source. Specific terms and conditions apply if you wish to reproduce entire sections of the SRA Standards and Regulations

All information on our website, all motifs, designs and logos are protected by copyright unless specifically stated otherwise.

We will vigorously pursue any breach of our copyright that seeks to exploit our material for commercial gain or to misrepresent our regulatory position.

Who to contact about the publication scheme

If you have and questions or comments about our publication scheme please contact us.

Review of scheme

Our publication scheme is under regular review and republished to reflect information available on our website.

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