Difficulties with English?

It is important that our information is clear and easy to understand, and that people find it easy to communicate with us.

If you find it difficult to communicate in English, we can help.

  • We can speak to you over the telephone.
  • We can translate letters and documents.
  • We can provide interpretation for meetings and telephone calls.

We can also help if you need to use Easy Read, Braille or British Sign Language. Please see our reasonable adjustment policy or you can contact us and ask for help.

How to ask for help

To ask for a translation or an interpreter, contact:

  • the person you are already talking to at the SRA
  • our contact centre.

How we can help

Before we arrange a translation or an interpreter, we will think about:

  • the other options available, like involving your friends and family,
  • the time and cost of making the arrangements
  • how it may affect future communication with you
  • the standards we expect of solicitors about their use of English and Welsh
  • the complexity and legal status of the information you want us to translate.

We will talk with you about the arrangements we can make.

Welsh language

The Welsh language has official status in Wales. It is important to us that Welsh-speaking people can access information about our work in Welsh. We publish some content in Welsh, such as our Annual Review, and information for the public about using legal services.

You can ask for an official Welsh translation of other documents and publications if our online translator is not able to translate them.

When we hold events and meetings in Wales, we will cater to the needs of a Welsh-speaking audience. For example, we will make sure the information we present is available in Welsh.