We value the views of our stakeholders. Any open consultations are listed below. For full details, or to find out how to participate, follow the links. If no open consultations are listed, please return at a later date or subscribe to SRA consultation alerts.

You can also check information about consultations that have closed.

Open consultations

We are seeking views on our new Business Plan and budget for 2021-22.
  • Start — 6 May 2021
  • End — 25 June 2021
  • Status — Open

Read: Business Plan and budget 2021 - 2022

We are consulting on a proposal to make a change to our minimum terms and conditions (MTCs) for the professional indemnity insurance (PII) that we require all the law firms we regulate to have in place.
  • Start — 13 April 2021
  • End — 25 May 2021
  • Status — Open

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