Glossary of terms


the exercise of a discretion in the application of assessment regulations, whereby an assessment is passed although the required mark or grade has not been achieved. This is not to be permitted.
Day one outcomes
these outcomes set out what solicitors should know and be able to do at the point of admission. They are published on the SRA's website.
Framework for Higher Education Qualifications
this framework is published by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). It applies to universities and colleges that have degree-awarding powers and to their use of particular qualification titles.
Notional Learning Hours
the number of hours it is expected that a typical student will need to spend in their studies in order to achieve the learning outcomes for a particular course.
Student: teaching staff ratio
the ratio of students to teaching staff. To calculate the ratio the number of full-time equivalent students and the number of full-time equivalent teaching staff must be taken. For example, a provider that employs 2 members of staff who teach full-time on the LPC, 4 members of staff who divide their time equally between teaching on the LPC and teaching on an undergraduate course and 3 members of staff who are each employed to teach an LPC on a third time contract should be regarded as having 5 FTE staff members. If the provider has 60 full-time students on its course, the student : teaching staff ratio would be 12:1.