Substitute QWE and SQE2 as an equivalent to a period of recognised training application

Updated 11 December 2023

You can only qualify through this route if you meet our transitional requirements. If you do not meet these, you will need to qualify under the full SQE route.

Who can apply

This is for individuals who have either started or passed the Legal Practice Course (LPC), or who meet our transitional requirements.

How to apply

Complete this application to tell us that you want to use qualifying work experience (QWE) and SQE2 as an equivalent to a period of recognised training.

Then, before you apply for admission as a solicitor, you will need to:

  • pass the LPC (you will be asked for your LPC transcript/certificate when you apply to become a solicitor).
  • record two years' full-time or equivalent QWE. Find out how to do this
  • pass the SQE2. Find out more about the exam and what it costs

You will not need to:

  • sit SQE1
  • complete a period of recognised training
  • take the Professional Skills Course
  • validate your degree.

You will be admitted as a solicitor under the LPC route (not the SQE route).


There is no fee for this application.

You will need to pay to sit the SQE2 exam.

What next

  • If you already have qualifying work experience, you can record it.
  • You will need to register for an SQE account in order to take SQE2. We suggest you wait at least 10-15 minutes after submitting this form before you set up your SQE account.

Apply now

When you are ready to apply, the link below will take you to mySRA login page. You will find the application in 'Start a new application' and 'Individual applications'. It is called 'Notify us of using QWE and SQE2 as an equivalent to a period of recognised training '.

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