Check and validate your qualification

Updated 15 December 2023

Who can apply

If you already have a UK degree (or equivalent level 6 qualification) you will need to make an application to check and validate it.

If you are a solicitor apprentice you do not need to complete this application.

What you we will need

All degrees and equivalent level 6 qualifications are checked by our third-party validation service, Atlantic Data.

You will need to give Atlantic Data this information:

  • university/institute
  • course
  • classification (result)
  • qualification
  • enrolment and graduation years
  • degree/qualification certificate or student ID number.

Non-UK degrees

If you have a non-UK degree, you can find out if it is equivalent to a UK level 6 degree by doing a UK ENIC comparability check. This service has a separate cost from validating your degree and will give you a Statement of Comparability.

You may wish to do this when considering becoming a solicitor, but it is not a requirement to apply before you do the degree validation process.

Atlantic Data also has to do this compatibility check, and you cannot reuse any Statement of Comparability you already have. Therefore, you will still need to apply for your degree to be checked and validated and pay the related fee.

Please note that this check does not confirm that the method of instruction and assessment for the degree was in English or Welsh. The results cannot be used as evidence of your English or Welsh language proficiency.


All fees are paid direct to Atlantic Data.

The fee for validating any of the UK qualifications below is £21.

Level 6 qualifications

  • Degree apprenticeship
  • Degree with or without honours - for example Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Law (LLB)
  • Graduate certificate
  • Graduate diploma

Level 7 qualifications

  • Integrated master's degree, for example Master of Engineering (MEng)
  • Master's degree, for example Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc)
  • Postgraduate certificate
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
  • Postgraduate diploma

Level 8 qualifications

  • Doctorate, for example Doctor of Philosophy (PhD or DPhil)

The fee for validating other UK level 6 equivalent qualifications (such as a level 9 in Scotland) is £39.

The fee for validating a non-UK degree (or equivalent level 6 qualification) is £39. The awarding institute may also charge a fee for validating your qualification.

Making your application

You will need to make your application by applying online in mySRA.

First, you will need to create an account. If you already have a mySRA account, you will need to log in.

Once logged in, select 'Start new applications' on the homepage. The application is called 'Apply to check that your qualification or work experience is equivalent to a degree'.

If you have already started it, you will find your draft application in  ‘My profile' under 'Applications and documents'.

You may find it useful to have this guidance open in a separate device or browser window to help you complete the check.

Atlantic Data aim to let you know within 5 working days.

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