Training template

You should check with prospective organisation offering qualifying work experience what systems or processes, if any, they have in place, to help you record your experience.

You can use our training template to help you record your qualifying work experience if nothing is available or in addition to what the organisation is offering. It includes the competencies you’ll need to develop and how to show you have done this. It also tells you what information you need about the solicitor or Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) confirming your experience. Please note that it cannot be barrister of England and Wales unless they are also a solicitor. It also cannot be a foreign qualified lawyer, again unless they are also a solicitor of England and Wales.

The template is designed to help you:

  • reflect on your work and experience
  • identify how this experience has helped you develop some or all of the competences required to be a solicitor and pass SQE2
  • recognise if there are any gaps that you need to address.

The evidence you record in this document could be physical or a description of how you felt you met the competences. You should regularly talk to the solicitor or COLP confirming your experience so that you are both clear on how you have evidenced the competences. You can do this through 121s or appraisals for example.

However, you will not need to submit this document when you record your qualifying work experience with us or apply for admission as a solicitor. It is a training and recording aid only.

You can now record your confirmed qualifying work experience.