What is a legal issue

A legal issue is something that happens that has legal implications and may need the help of a lawyer to sort out. It is a question or problem that is answered or resolved by the law. Sometimes it is not obvious that a matter will involve the law such as unexpected illness which might lead to legal questions about employment, mortgages, or insurance for example.

Legal issues can come up in lots of different ways including from planned events in your life, like buying a home or making a will. They can also appear suddenly, such as family problems, problems at work or being accused of a crime. Other common legal issues include things like immigration and asylum, consumer rights, housing problems and issues to do with debt and money.

But how do you know if your issue is a legal one? Knowing about the law and your rights can help. Here are some organisations that offer helpful information about common legal issues and how legal processes and systems work:

  • The Government – your rights and the law, including the criminal justice system and consumer rights. There is also information about young people and the law.
  • Courts and Tribunal Judiciary – the justice system, including how different cases are dealt with.
  • Citizens Advice – advice on key issues such as benefits, immigration, housing and consumer rights. Advice can vary depending on where you live, so Citizens Advice provides advice for people living in England and Wales.
  • Which? – understanding your consumer rights.
  • AdviceNow – your rights and the law in England and Wales, including family law, housing and benefits. 
  • Acas – your rights at work, employment law and best practice.
  • The Equality and Human Rights Commission – your rights and responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity.
  • Right to Remain – a guide to the UK immigration and asylum system.
  • Mind – information for adults living in England and Wales who have experience of mental health problems.
  • Shelter – your housing rights in England and Wales.
  • Legal Choices – run by the joint legal regulators to help with independent, factual information about legal issues and legal advisers.