Warning: Document from 'My Lawyer' claiming to be a law firm.

12 October 2023

A document has been sent from 'My Lawyer' to a member of the public claiming to be a licenced law office undertaking legal financial cases.

What is the scam?

A document has been sent to a member of the public from 'My Lawyer' which claims to be a licensed law firm that undertakes legal financial cases. The document refers to the firm being instructed by a client who needs '…the legal and advisory services of the office, which is to recover the profits of foreign investors from brokerage firms in the global money market and any other legal aspect…'

The document provides a postal address of 'Ropemaker St 1 London EC2Y 9AW UK', a telephone number '020 38331192' and a Whatsapp number '07563310658'.

The SRA does not authorise or regulate a firm of solicitors called 'My Lawyer'. 

Another document was provided in connection with the supposed transaction, purportedly authenticated with a stamp bearing the name and SRA ID of a genuine solicitor (see below)

Any business or transaction through 'My Lawyer' is not undertaken by an individual or firm of solicitors authorised and regulated by the SRA.

Is there a genuine firm or person?

The SRA authorises and regulates a genuine solicitor called Malik Asim Saeed. His SRA ID is 230056.

Malik Saeed Malik has confirmed that he does not have any connection with the documents referred to in the above alert.

There are a number of firms of solicitors which practice from offices at 1 Ropemaker Street, London. None of those firms are believed to have any connection with the documents referred to in the above alert.


What should I do?

When a firm's or individual's identity has been copied exactly (or cloned), due diligence is necessary. If you receive correspondence claiming to be from the above firm(s) or individual(s), or information of a similar nature to that described, you should conduct your own due diligence by checking the authenticity of the correspondence by contacting the law firm directly by reliable and established means. You can contact the SRA to find out if individuals or firms are regulated and authorised by the SRA and verify an individual's or firm's practising details. Other verification methods, such as checking public records (e.g. telephone directories and company records) may be required in other circumstances.