Apply to remain on the roll of solicitors

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Who can apply

To apply to remain on the roll of solicitors of England and Wales, you must have been admitted to the roll before April 2023.

You must complete your application between 3 April and 28 May 2024.

Why you might need to apply

If you refer to yourself as a solicitor, you must be on the roll.

To work under section 88 (Solicitors Act 1974) as a solicitor without a practising certificate, you must be on the roll. This allows solicitors to work in a public department without the requirement to have a practising certificate.

There is no definition of public department in the Act, but in our view it includes:

  • any department of the central UK government
  • the Church Commissioners
  • the Duchy of Cornwall
  • executive agencies
  • Senedd Cymru, and
  • any other non-ministerial department.

Visit GOV.UK to learn which department agencies and public bodies may be covered.

You will need to apply each year and pay an administration fee to remain on the roll.

Get ready to apply

Make sure that you have a mySRA account.

If you don't have a mySRA account, find out how to activate an account

If you already have a mySRA account, check that your personal and practising details are up to date before starting this application. You can do this in 'My Profile'.

If you are working, make sure your work details are correct. You should also check our guidance to see whether you need a practising certificate.

If you have a left an organisation, please make sure you close your old employment record.

When your profile is up to date, applying to remain on the roll should take less than 10 minutes.

How to apply

When you are ready to apply, select 'Start a new application'. From the list of available applications, select 'Apply to remain on the roll'.

If you are working under section 88, you will be asked to confirm the public department where you are practising.

How to pay

The administration fee is £20. You can pay by credit card or debit card.

What next

We'll email you when your application has been processed.

Log in to apply

When you are ready to apply, click the button below to log into mySRA and go to 'Start a new application'.

Apply to be restored to the roll of solicitors

Log in to mySRA to apply, go to start a new application