mySRA updates

Activating your account as a trainee solicitor

Why do I need to activate my account?

As you have registered on a period of recognised training (also known as a training contract), you now need to activate the mySRA account that we have created for you. To do this, go to the website and use the activation code we have sent you and follow the instructions to activate. If you have not been sent an activation code please contact us.

To activate your mySRA account you will also need your SRA number. You can find this in the email we sent you, or in any correspondence from us. If you do not know your SRA number, you can contact us.

What does activate my account mean?

When a trainee is employed by an organisation, we are told that you have a period of recognised training with them. This means we have a record of you starting your training, and that we have given you a unique SRA number.

When you activate your account, the information we hold about you automatically transfers into the mySRA account that we have set up for you.

Why do I need a mySRA account?

You need to have a mySRA account to apply for screening, admission and your first practising certificate. These applications can only be completed in mySRA.