Solicitors reporting themselves

All solicitors, registered European lawyers and foreign lawyers must comply with our Code of Conduct. This means you must tell us if something happens that could be a breach of your regulatory arrangements.

This includes anything that would adversely affect your ability to meet your regulatory obligations as a solicitor/lawyer or to be subject to regulatory investigations or proceedings if required. For example:

  • criminal charge, conviction or caution
  • behaviour which has a bearing on your integrity and independence
  • financial conduct such as being declared bankrupt
  • regulatory or disciplinary findings
  • health conditions.

Telling us about health conditions

If you have a health condition and are not sure whether you need to report it to us see our approach to health issues and medical evidence. It explains when health issues can be a regulatory concern and should be reported to us and how we deal with those that arise during investigations.

You do not need to tell us about a health condition if you are satisfied that you, and where relevant, your employer are taking appropriate steps to address the condition. And any risks it may pose to your practice as a solicitor or your ability to meet your regulatory obligations. This includes taking part in an investigation or disciplinary process.

How to self report

Reporting these issues is not part of your annual practising or registration certificate renewal so you must do this as soon as they happen.

Please contact us.