Register of licensed bodies (ABS)

Fishers Solicitors


Head of legal practice

Andrew Robinson (authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority)

Head of Finance and Administration

Amanda Payne

Reserved activities

The firm is licensed to undertake the following reserved legal activities:

  • Rights of audience
  • Conduct of litigation
  • Reserved instrument activities
  • Probate activities
  • Administration of oaths

Terms and conditions of the licence

The general conditions which apply to licensed bodies contained in Rule 8 of the SRA Authorisation Rules for Legal Services Bodies and Licensable Bodies as applicable.

Any obligation which may from time to time be imposed on [The Firm] or a manager, employee, or non-authorised interest-holder in [The Firm] by or under the SRA's licensing rules or by or under the LSA, or any other enactment.

[The Firm] may carry on exempt regulated activities under Part XX of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 provided that such activities arise out of or are complementary to the firm’s reserved legal activities or other legal activities.


The information below is a summary of the waiver(s) granted.

  1. An application has been considered from Fisher Dewes Solicitors (the Applicant) for a waiver from Rule 14.2 of the SRA Practice Framework Rules 2011. This waiver will allow it to be authorised as a licensed body without having to have an individual manager in the firm. 

    2 Decision 2.1 It has been decided to grant Fisher Dewes Solicitors a waiver from Rule 14.2 of the SRA Practice Framework Rules 2011 subject to the following condition: 2.1.1 that one of the members is an SRA recognised body with at least one manager who is a solicitor with a current practising certificate or a registered European lawyer. 

    2.2 This waiver is granted unlimited as to time, but is revocable on reasonable notice.

     2.3 This waiver is granted on the basis that this decision is without prejudice to any future decision on this or any related matter.




Licence number : 48317

Granted on 22 February 2018

Effective from 22 February 2018

Registration details

Fishers Solicitors

Not a registered company or LLP

Quoted company

Fishers Solicitors is not a quoted company or a subsidiary of, or part owned by, a quoted company.


Unit R
Ivanhoe Business Park
LE65 2AB

4 Kilwardby Street
LE65 2FU