Apply for a waiver

In order to apply for a waiver it will be necessary to complete our application form.

Information you will need

A regulated person or firm applying for a waiver must show that the circumstances of the application meet our criteria for granting a waiver.

It is for you to demonstrate that you meet our criteria. The factors that we might consider are in our waiver decision-making guidance.

You may need to provide further information or evidence to support your application. This will vary depending on what waiver you are seeking. For some waivers we set this out in this table.

Help with your application

Please contact us if you have any questions before you submit your waiver application:

Accountants reports - read more on how to apply.

Training regulations or Higher rights of audience

For all other waiver requests contact Professional Ethics team

Applications for waivers as part of the authorisation of your firm will be managed as part of that process. You should discuss any waiver requirements with your designated case officer or, for pre-application enquiries, by contacting Authorisation.

How to tell us

Complete the waiver application form (PDF 5 pages, 164KB) and send it to us by email, along with any evidence you are submitting. The email addresses are provided above.

Is there a cost for making a waiver application?

No, the waiver application process is free.

What happens next?

Once we have received it, we will acknowledge your application form within one working day.

We may contact you if we have any questions about your waiver application.

How long do we take to respond?

We aim to decide on your waiver application within 90 days. Where the waiver is for the Innovation Space this is normally 56 days.

This is additional information/evidence required to complete the waivers application form.

See which rules can be waived

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