Release notes for SRA Handbook, Version18

Index of release notes

1 November 2016

The eighteenth version of the Handbook is published on 1 November 2016, and all the changes in this version come into effect on that date.

The changes are outlined in these notes: please refer to the Handbook itself for full details.

Repeal of the SRA Training Regulations 2011 Part 3 - CPD Regulations

These regulations have been repealed and no longer appear in the SRA Handbook. This marks the end of the requirement for solicitors to undertake a set number of hours of training every year.

The changes mean that our new approach to continuing competence is mandatory for all solicitors from 1 November 2016. This requires all solicitors to regularly reflect on the quality of their practice and address identified learning and development needs so they provide a proper standard of service to their clients. An Annual Declaration that a solicitor has reflected on their practice and addressed any learning needs they have identified will still be required.

Further information on this new approach is available on our continuing competence toolkit.