Police station representative accreditation scheme

Updated 29 March 2023

About the scheme

The Police Station Representative Accreditation Scheme (PSRAS) is a compulsory qualification for solicitors and non-solicitors who provide legal advice at the police station on a legally aided basis.

Practising solicitors need to complete PSRAS or the Police Station Qualification to claim payment for police station advice.

We authorise assessment organisations to administer the PSRAS assessment on our behalf for solicitors and non-solicitors. They also offer training to prepare for the assessments (although it is not a compulsory part of the process).

We have authorised two providers as assessment organisations:

We monitor delivery of the assessments through an Independent External Examiner.

The Police Station Representatives register is regulated by the Legal Aid Agency. The aim of the scheme is to accredit non-solicitors to advise and assist suspects being held at a police station and to claim payment from the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) for having provided such assistance.

Becoming a police station representative

To gain the PSRAS qualification, you must pass an assessment. There are three parts:

  1. submission of a portfolio
  2. a practical role-play called the Critical Incidents Test (CIT)
  3. a written examination

You can find more information about the content and structure of the assessment in our PSRAS assessment guidelines.

The following information is also helpful:

You can then register with one of the authorised assessment organisations.

Your assessment organisation will tell you next steps, provide you with an assessments timetable and outline the prerequisites of registration as a probationary representative.

Legal Aid Agency

Legal Aid Agency (LAA) is responsible for the development and administration in England and Wales of the Community Legal Service and the Criminal Defence Service.

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