Sexual harassment and the law

Guidance for employers on sexual harassment in the workplace

Read the Equality and Human Rights Commission guidance for employers on sexual harassment in the workplace.

The guide includes a definition and examples of what sexual harassment is and sets out your responsibilities as an employer, what a sexual harassment policy should include, how to put the policy into practice, how to handle sexual harassment complaints and what might amount to criminal behaviour.

The Law Society’s guidance Understanding workplace harassment sets out some examples of the type of conduct that might amount to workplace harassment.

The Law Society’s Workplace harassment: guidance for employers sets out some actions you could take as an employer to help prevent sexual harassment.

Resources on the use of non-disclosure agreements

Government proposals to tackle sexual harassment and the inappropriate use of non-disclosure agreements.

The #MeToo movement has prompted a review of sexual harassment in the workplace and you can read more about the issues and the proposals to tackle the problems though the links below.