Sexual harassment and the law

Guidance for employers on sexual harassment in the workplace

Resources on the use of non-disclosure agreements

We have issued a Warning Notice about the use of non-disclosure agreements and provide more information in our risk paper on Balancing duties in litigation.

There is further guidance available on the use of non-disclosure agreements in settlement agreements:

  • The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published guidance on the use of confidentiality agreements in discrimination cases. It gives a clear explanation of the law in relation to confidentiality agreements, describes good practice when using confidentiality agreements, as well as explaining when they would be unlawful. The guidance will help employers to understand how and when they can use confidentiality agreements legitimately, and when these agreements will not be enforceable.
  • ACAS has published guidance on non-disclosure agreements which helps people understand what non-disclosure are and when they might be used appropriately in an employment context.
  • The Law Society has published a Practice Note about non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality clauses in an employment law context.

Government proposals to tackle sexual harassment and the inappropriate use of non-disclosure agreements

The #MeToo movement has prompted a review of sexual harassment and the use of non-disclosure agreements in the workplace and you can read more about the issues and the proposals to tackle the problems though the links below.