Customer reviews and comparison websites

Proactively publishing information on key indicators of service quality, for example customer reviews, not only helps the public when they are looking for a legal services provider but should also help your firm win more business.

Our research has regularly shown that while price is an important factor people consider when they are looking for legal support, a bigger consideration is the potential quality of the service they will receive.

However, finding reliable information on quality can be challenging, especially independent information which enables direct comparisons to be made between potential providers.

We are looking to help make more information of this type readily-available within the legal sector, whether it is published directly by law firm themselves, or hosted by third parties such as comparison websites.

Engaging with online reviews

We have produced information for law firms on how to most effectively engage with online reviews. This also explains how engaging with and publishing online reviews can directly help your business.

Comparison websites

There are a number of general and legal sector specific websites which already publish customer reviews and other information on legal service providers.

We offer an information sharing service which allows such websites to access and publish already publicly available regulatory information on firms that we regulate.

In partnership with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and CILEx Regulation we have launched a pilot scheme involving both law firms and comparison website providers which aims to increase the amount of easily accessible, comparable information on the quality of legal services providers which is available to the public.

We have developed a voluntary code of conduct for comparison websites taking part in our pilot activities. Though not compulsory, this code sets out the standards we expect of these sites to ensure that they are independent, transparent and fair to both consumers and legal services providers.

To find out more about getting directly involved in our pilot scheme, please email our Policy team.

Websites taking part in the pilot:

Online customer reviews webinar


Please note the content of the below videos is supplied directly by the providers themselves.



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